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Digital Media Production Borrowing FAQ

Equipment available for long-term loans
We have some older equipment you can borrow for your degree (up to 3 years). Click the link above to find out more.


24G 8am-6pm
15 minute parking: Outside 24G building
30 minutes parking: Loading bays outside 18G

1 hour parking (free): Burwood Road (Note: this is a clearway after 4pm)
3 hour parking (paid): Serpells Lane Carpark
2 hour parking (free): North section of council carpark, enter via Kent Street


Winter Break Closure

The mediastore is now closed for the winter break and bookings cannot be made during this period. Please use the contact form above to get in touch as staff will not always be in the office. We hope everyone has a nice break and we'll see you next semester!


Media Store Website Maintainence

The site will be down on Tuesday 18/06 due to required database upgrades.


How to create a booking

How to edit, add to or update a booking before collection

You MIGHT be able to renew equipment for extra time if it is available. This can be done by going into your active booking from the home page, and selecting "renew booking". Again, renewals are not guaranteed. If you can't renew, or can only renew for a short time, it means someone else has booked the gear and it must be returned at the originally scheduled time.

Creating a new booking does not extend an existing booking.

Do not make back-to-back bookings. These will be deleted. This is to ensure fair access is maintained for all students.

Do NOT make multiple bookings for the same day. Instead, follow the guide above to update/edit a booking and add additional items if required. Multiple bookings will be deleted.



Fines & lost or damaged equipment

  • Overdue equipment more than 1 hour late will attract a fine of $20. An additional fine of $20 will apply for every additional 24 hour period (excluding weekends). Your borrowing privileges will be suspended until paid.
  • The borrower is responsible for the safety of the equipment & will be charged the full replacement cost for any loss or damage (including when working in a group). Do not leave equipment in cars or in plain sight of the public.
  • The borrower is responsible for checking all the equipment upon receipt an immediately notifying staff of any issues.
  • Equipment that is returned in a manner requiring cleaning will be treated as damage and the borrower will be charged a minimum $20 fine; depending on how extensive a clean is required. This includes cases and accessories.


  • You will need to present your current Swinburne ID card. Only the person who made the booking can collect the equipment (equipment will not be given to friends/family looking to collect on a user's behalf). In groups with defined roles, only the producer may book equipment.
  • Equipment must be borrowed and returned during opening hours on or before the agreed date & time.
  • Equipment is to be returned in the same condition it was borrowed. This includes items in the correct places in bags and cables neatly wound and tied. It is the borrower's responsibility to erase memory cards.
  • If working in a group of 5 or more on-campus a member of the group must wear a hi-viz vest (available from the office).
  • Staff reserve the right to limit bookings where a user has booked a large amount of equipment that may limit fair access to other users.
  • To ensure fair access to all students, do not make back-to-back bookings. Staff may delete bookings where a student has booked the same item/s multiple times with no gaps between bookings.
  • Subjects requiring green-lighting: your project must be greenlit prior to booking any gear to ensure productions are happening in a safe manner. Bookings for projects that are not greenlit will be deleted.
  • Equipment is to be used for the purposes of completing assigned work as part of your Swinburne course and must not be given or sub-let to any other parties. It cannot be used for any illegal activity, or any activity that may bring the University‚Äôs name into disrepute.


  • No food or drink is allowed in any studio.
  • Studio spaces must be left as they were found (rubbish removed, furniture returned, cabling connected).
  • The person booking the studio is responsible for loss and damage (including when working in a group).